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The Best Password Management Tool

LastPass has the perfect solution to password issues!  It’s the last word in password management tools.

  • LastPass stores your passwords in their website, so you can’t lose your passwords if your phone is lost or your computer dies.
  • Access LastPass on your phone!
  • No more sticky notes.
  • Use a secure, private Vault for all your passwords.
  • It’s free for a single user, and very inexpensive to add employees.
  • Add LastPass to your favorite browser, to log you into websites automatically.

The security encryption tools are top-notch, and includes multifactor authentication. Protect your business, and use it on all your devices. Losing passwords can go from mildly irritating to catastrophic for your livelihood.

For your sanity and protection, make this an action item.

Login to, create your User profile with your website and cell phone number.  Then add the LastPass widget to your computer browser and phone .

LastPass is a free tool, or you can purchase a business account. Create the account, then browse to your sites and enter your password to login.  LastPass will remember any site you login to, automatically.  They even let you setup sections in your account to keep it all straight.

We are confident you will love this great free tool.