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Google Is Your New Homepage

Google homepage

For many businesses, has become the single most important internet presence for attracting new clients.  

Increasingly, consumers actively looking for your company’s products or services are taking “low funnel” actions to reach out to your business. These are occurring more directly on Google than ever before. 

In a recent case study of local key performance indicators, 70% of calls and driving directions were coming directly from Google, while 25% were coming from the business website.  Many of the website conversions originated at Google as well, but most people were stopping at Google and making the call or requesting the driving directions right there.


It is critical for all businesses to create and optimize their GoogleMyBusiness profile listing, to take advantage of the many tools that Google offers, and promote your brand effectively online.

Benefits of GoogleMyBusiness Page Optimization

✔ Build your company brand presence on-line
✔ Increase phone calls
✔ More positive ratings & review
✔ Being found before the competition (get more attention!)
✔ Positively impact local SEO efforts
✔ Enhance engagement and connect with leads and customers
✔ Improve online reputation (and convert more leads)
✔ Sell to customers who don’t visit your business website
✔ Build a following on Google
✔ Feature new products / services
✔ Share new offers and business updates

The Zero-Click Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) often leaves your business website listing below the fold or worse, not even on the first page! 

But if a prospect types in your company name, Google will have the GMB listing “above the fold” (top right), with all the following services available from your listing.

Potential customers can interact with your Google My Business listing to: 

  • Find your business hours 
  • Get directions to your location 
  • Call your business (without visiting the website)  
  • Read reviews from previous customers 
  • Schedule an appointment 
  • Ask questions (public and / or private)
  • View products or services
  • Review images of your products or services 
  • See What’s New with the business
  • Follow the business for updates (offers, events, posts, changing of hours, etc.)
  • To remind them to go to the business 

Try BizWebShop’s new GoogleMyBusiness Optimization Service to create and optimize your GoogleMyBusiness listing.  

If you already have a listing, get your Free Local SEO Reports by putting your company’s name in the form. The Local SEO Reports include your GMB report and competitor information.   

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