Our Mission is to offer superior quality custom web design and development services, online marketing, and web and print graphics that increase visibility and market reach. We are dedicated to maintaining a long-term partnership with every client, helping their business grow.


BizWebShop.com is a husband and wife team who opted to work from home in 2008. Our team of professionals have specialties in all aspects of online business, online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We are proud to help build strong local businesses that support local communities.

  • We work from home, lowering your costs.
  • We build for your business needs.
  • We monitor and maintain your website after the build.
  • We provide QUOTES and wait for approval before we begin work.
  • We answer our own phones and email, no salesman.

Mary Troxler Luketich – President and Founder
Mary is driven to connect people and help others succeed because her father helped many small, independent businesses grow in St. Louis. BizWebShop is her way of following in his footsteps.

Mary Luketich started building websites in 2001. Her background in a variety of industries allows her to contribute content and structure to client sites. Mary handles HR, Operations, supervises developers and consults new clients on marketing, logistics and business management for the online market.

Jim Luke – Vice President, CEO and Sales
With more than 30 years experience in sales, Jim has helped to build the company from its beginnings, coaching on sales, marketing and management as we learned web design. Jim’s personal style creates lifetime customers who seek him out for advice and entrust their friends to his care. Jim’s expertise in customer service, online marketing and metrics, financial planning, and traffic building adds core value to our client’s business offerings as well as our own.

Our History

Troxler Inc. encourages ordinary people to organize and create new businesses. We are in business to help you succeed.

Community Support Is Our Family’s Legacy

Take a quick stroll into Mary’s childhood, and the origin of our great respect for small business people.

In the early 1950′s, a young black man walked into Mound City Trust Company, a bank in downtown St. Louis, to get a loan. He was carrying an old acoustic guitar intended as collateral for the loan. He had learned to play and wanted to buy an electric guitar and amp and start a band.The bank was Mound City Trust Company, and the banker was my father, Oliver Troxler, head of the loan department. When the young man finished telling his story, Ollie explained that the bank could not accept the guitar as collateral for a loan, but he trusted the young man and loaned the funds from his own pocket, at the bank rate, and asked him to make the payment personally.

The young black man was Chuck Berry. He bought an electric guitar and an amp and went to Chicago to find Muddy Waters, who sent him to Chess Records. The rest is music history. Chuck Berry never forgot my father’s kindness to him, and started a weekly visit that lasted more than thirty years. Mary was able to witness this first-hand when she worked in the bank during the summer.

“O.E.” Troxler had no way to know when he made a personal loan that his faith would change the world and launch Rock & Roll! But he took a chance and helped the young man. There were many others my father helped over the more than 50 years he worked in that bank.

We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and visionaries like Chuck Berry, willing to fearlessly take on great odds. This spirit of true assistance is alive in BizWebShop.

BizWebShop is built on our faith in ordinary people helping one another.

We understand its not the money that makes us rich, it is our connection and responsibility to one another that enriches our lives. In 2008, the business was incorporated as Troxler Inc, to continue this legacy of building communities by helping businesses grow.

Oliver E. Troxler, Sr. Vice President, Mound City Trust Company
Oliver E. Troxler, Sr. Vice President, Mound City Trust Company

Mound City Trust Company matchbook cover
Mound City Trust Company matchbook cover