We must all adapt to a new business model, since there are now severe long-term downtrends for many industries. Necessary service businesses, like plumbers, HVAC shops, landscapers and auto repair shops can update their business model and procedures to provide better protection to clients and staff, and be able to

For many businesses, has become the single most important internet presence for attracting new clients.   Increasingly, consumers actively looking for your company’s products or services are taking “low funnel” actions to reach out to your business. These are occurring more directly on Google than ever before.  In a recent

Cybersecurity has never been more critical.

Cyber hacking, online attacks, and the need for cybersecurity is on the rise.  According to Norton Security, nearly 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft.  In 2023, it is estimated cybercriminals will be stealing 33 billion records per year. These cyberattacks target everyone, but trends show small businesses are one

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  Working online, I find this is true for me.  I sit to work, I sit to drive, I sit to eat.  My life happens in a seated position. How about you?  Here are some valuable tips to help you stay in condition when you have a lifestyle like mine.