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“One of the interesting things about web hosting is that the better it is, the less you think of it. Ideally, your website is running so smoothly that you seldom give much thought to your web hosting company. It’s sort of like the electricity or plumbing in your house. You only notice it when something’s wrong. ” (Web Hosting Talk)

BEWARE of “Shared Hosting”

“Shared Hosting” (offered by Network Solutions, Godaddy, Hostgator, SiteGround, Bluehost, eHost, DreamHost, InMotion, iPage, 1&1,, Hibu, Wix, Weebly, and many others) does not include “https://” or other basic security features your website needs.


BizWebShop’s Hosting includes “https://” and many more features to protect your website and keep it running fast. Discover the features of our Bundled Hosting below.

Another distinction: Our PRIVATE DEDICATED SERVERS are in a major server farm where they are optimized and monitored 24/7, and replaced every 2 years.

BizWebShop Hosting Features

  • Uptime monitoring to alert us quickly if your site goes down.
  • Weekly “Eyeball Monitoring” by real people, to make sure your site is working as expected.
  • SSL security provides “https://” to shield your site from most hackers and protect your search ranking.

BizWebShop Bundled Hosting

In addition to the benefits of a dedicated server above, we bundle the following additional services into our Website Hosting Package:

  1. Content Protection through Automated Off-Server Backups. Whatever happens, your investment in your website is safe. Our automated backups are in the Dropbox, a leader in cloud storage. We keep weekly and monthly redundant backups.
  2. Unlimited Space and Bandwidth. We monitor your bandwidth and space use monthly, increasing both as needed to insure your site’s optimum performance.
  3. Unlimited Email Accounts and Forwards. We will even setup a gmail account for you and connect it so you can receive and reply to email as your domain name. Or we will setup your team in your G-Suite account. Setup charges apply.
  4. Security Monitoring. Powerful security monitoring tools protects your site against hackers and malware.
  5. Guaranteed Up-Time. When viewers go to your site, it will be there. Your site will be hosted on high-speed managed dedicated server running Linux, the most stable and secure operating system, with a 99% Network Up-Time Guarantee.
  6. Automated Software Upgrades. Your site’s software is upgraded frequently at no extra charge, protecting you from hackers and other attacks.
  7. Domain Included. One domain is included in the cost of hosting for each site. If you do not have a domain name, we will suggest 3 available domains to choose from. We keep your domain in our account in your name and lock it to your website. (This protects you from losing your website because your domain was lost. It happens.) We can direct as many domain names as you like to your site. Additional domains are invoiced annually.
  8. Free small monthly edits – Just email us your changes.
  9. HTTPS – increases your search engine ranking.
  10. Cloudflare DNS – increases page load speed.
  11. Automated Daily Backups – Automated Dropbox backups.
  12. Unlimited Email “Forwarders” (to your email addresses) – check all your mail in one place.
  13. Hack/Malware Protection – IP Banning, Malware scanning and Hack protection
  14. cPanel™ with SFTP
  15. Live Monitoring – We monitor your site visually 3 times a week to be sure its up and working as expected.

We offer more than the “Big Box” Hosting offers.

  • NO awkward skimpy interfaces
  • NO impersonal service
  • NO “checkout ambush”

Our Bundled Hosting is on private, dedicated servers in a large data center that is managed and monitored 24/7 by industry leaders. Our Server Admin team monitors the sites we host for malware and hackers, and keeps our servers running smooth and fast.

Choose your Hosting Plan Now

Note: If you do not have a PayPal Business Account, go to, where we have Hosting subscriptions, including Apple Pay!

1-Page Website Hosting

Hosting for a one-page Landing page, Sales page or Squeeze page, including WordPress or other Content Management System (CMS).

  • Secure Private Hosting
  • “HTTPS” included
  • First Month $1
  • No eCommerce

$19.13 per month


WordPress Website Hosting

Hosting for a standard website without a shopping cart.

  • Private & Secure Hosting
  • “HTTPS” included
  • First Month $1
  • No eCommerce

$27.06 per month

If you do not have a PayPal Business Account, go to our other website,, where we have Stripe Hosting subscriptions, including Apple Pay!

OR… SAVE $54 per year with Annual Hosting for $270.63!


eCommerce Hosting

Host an online store or community website

  • Private & Secure Hosting
  • “HTTPS” included
  • SSL Certificate required

$32.48 per month



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