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Our Local SEO Audit will provide you with several important metrics to see how your on-line business presence is serving you. This includes your Google Rank, Customer Reviews, Directory Citations, (backlinks), Google Business Profile Audit, your Social Media, and a full Local SEO report. The Audit can be sent to your marketing team, or we can provide you with a detailed proposal to future-proof your business marketing efforts. Email or call us with ANY questions you have regarding the report.
Conducting a local SEO audit offers you peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to be visible to as much of that local traffic as possible. It’s also a chance to identify and rectify any underlying issues that might be making it easier for your competitors to outrank you in local search.

Here is a demo example of our Local SEO Audit Report:

local marketing reports

An audit is a thorough examination of all the components that make up a local search strategy and local pack ranking. It is the only way to ensure you have a clear picture of how your site is performing, where problems have emerged, and where opportunities exist.
It can help to think of an audit as a systematic health check—a great way to perform local SEO analysis. It allows you to pinpoint areas of concern without hastily jumping in and potentially spending a lot of money unnecessarily on a knee-jerk reaction, like an $800 per month Y**p listing!
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