BizWebShop’s Free Web Presence Report is actually 6 reports in one:

  • A Location Summary – Your current internet Presence at-a-glance
  • Rank Checker – Your website’s search engine ranking
  • Local Audit Report – Your organic & local rankings on Google and Bing
  • A Citation Tracker – Your current business listings
  • Google My Business Report – Your competitors and your current GMB listing
  • Reputation Manager Report – Your current on-line reviews

The reports are generated in just a few minutes and you will get an email when they are complete. We will not call you, and your information will be secure and private.

Just enter your business name below and our Free SEO Report Builder will send you valuable insights into your online business presence.

SEO and Marketing get more traffic to your website

Without SEO your audience will not find your website online.

Optimization and marketing work hand in hand to bring your message to your audience.

If your website is new or recently re-designed, there are several things that need to be done on your website (on-site optimization) to get it ready.

BizWebShop offers full-service SEO Campaigns that include the features listed below. We can provide on-going 3 or 6 month campaigns to raise your ranking in Google thru on-site and off-site optimization, with full transparency, offering a Client dashboard to track every aspect of the campaign.


  1. Account Setup and Review
    To begin your campaign, we gather necessary information about your business, the services you offer; we also review the action items in the preliminary audit and allow you to approve keywords from our research.
  2. Account Management
    Account Management services help to identify target keywords, share optimization opportunities, answer questions, make suggestions, and monitor each campaign’s progress.
  3. Dedicated Client Success Team
    A team of SEO specialists dedicated to your campaign, and your business goals. This team works behind the scenes to optimize your campaign and provide detailed monthly reporting, website optimization, and technical troubleshooting.
  4. Keyword Research and Selection
    We conduct research to determine the best keywords for your business. This step is crucial in ensuring your campaign is as impactful as possible.
  5. Keyword Ranking and Reporting
    Within your reporting dashboard, we display the start rank, and current rank of your approved keywords. This allows you to quickly see the growth of your campaign over time, and is the best initial indicator of success.
  6. 4–8 Active Keywords
    Your SEO Services Campaign will include optimization efforts targeted toward a minimum of 4 keywords and a maximum of 8 keywords. The final number will be derived from the customer’s physical location and business heading.
  7. Reporting Dashboard
    We know visibility into your SEO campaign is important. Your reporting dashboard is where you can see everything from website traffic to keyword rankings to work we have completed in real-time, allowing you to monitor your campaign’s progress day or night.
  8. Robots.txt File, XML Sitemap Creation/ Implementation
    A robots.txt & an XML sitemap file is created and installed into the back end of your website to ensure Google receives proper directions on how to index your site.
  9. Google Analytics Installed
    Google Analytics will be installed on the customer’s website. Google Analytics is a website reporting tool to allow us to report on traffic data.
  10. Google My Business Profile
    Creation, categorization, submission, and verification of your business profile on the top business profile sites, including Google My Business.
  11. Local Profiles
    We create, optimize, submit, and verify your business profile on Google My Business and Bing Places. We also create and submit business profiles on other sites, such as Foursquare or Yelp.
  12. Google Webmaster Tools
    Google Webmaster Tools will be installed and used to monitor errors which may occur on the customer’s website. Google Webmaster Tools provides valuable data to the Account Manager to ensure a customer’s website meets SEO standards. (If required.)
  13. Business Directories – We submit your website to live digital directories that are built to promote businesses online. Consumers frequent these sites when searching for services, search engines also index directory sites often to determine which websites are actively being promoted.
  14. Classified Business Listings
    We publish your business information on local classified websites. These classified listings create a powerful new avenue to attract customers in your area who are ready to buy.
  15. Infographic Syndication
    An infographic will be created for you and shared to 10 infographic directories. This will help bring in a bigger audience for your business and diversify your content (an important factor in Google rankings).
  16. Website Bookmarking
    We submit your business information to bookmarking sites. This creates a live link back to your website. Search engines use bookmarking sites to determine what content people share with their friends, giving you more opportunity to be seen by potential customers.
  17. Article Engagement
    We search the web for content in industries similar to yours, and then join in the conversation. These comments help build your overall online presence and increase your link diversity.
  18. Custom Articles
    Our team of writers create educational and informative keyword focused content that is relevant to your industry. Once written, we seek out relevant publications to post that content.
  19. Aged Article Inclusion
    We crawl the web to find relevant articles that have been published within the last few months to a few years. We then work with the site owner to get your business mentioned in the article(s) with a link back to your website. This will increase your authority online and should bring more ready-to-buy prospects to your site.
  20. Custom Offsite Blogs
    Our team of writers create original, engaging content written around your keywords and industry. Once written, we seek out relevant publications to post that content.
  21. Offsite Content Marketing
    We write quality, industry-related content that is then submitted for publication to reputable, trusted, and authoritative sites within your industry.
  22. Onsite Edit Recommendation
    We provide recommendations for small, but key, changes to your website that support the approved keywords. We can send these changes to you for implementation, or take care of them for you as part of your campaign.
  23. Onsite Optimization Content Recommendation
    Content Optimization creates relevancy for the search engines. These recommendations provide to the client the ability to see the changes that need to be made to their content in order to help their optimization efforts. This gives them the option to make the changes themselves.
  24. Onsite Content Creation
    A great website begins with great content. We create unique content for your website to engage your customers, and inform them about your products and services.
  25. Onsite Optimization Content Audit
    An in-depth content audit will be performed on the customer’s website. This audit will ensure that the client’s website has quality content that is optimized and highly relevant in the eyes of search engines.
  26. Onsite Blog Posts
    Using a team of experienced content writers, we research your industry to create compelling, topical blog posts that will be posted on your website. These posts help to increase traffic & generate organic backlinks by rewarding return visitors with sharable, fresh content.
  27. Preliminary Audit
    This is an assessment of your current website and business to identify strengths and areas for improvement as it relates to your SEO campaign.

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