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SEO promotes your website on search engines.

Personalized SEO Campaigns

Imagine planning a trip and searching for events to attend during your stay. You type “concerts” and the date, and a list of events appears in the area you plan to visit. The search engine knows you have a flight booked, so it displays shows there during your stay, and links to purchase tickets. This personalized search experience is produced by concert venues in that city.

To create this kind of personalization for your site, focus on the following three areas:
1. Language/Country, 2. Location Specific Search Personalization, or 3. Prior Search Language and Click History.

For instance, someone in Mexico may see brands from a Mexican manufacturer in Mexican Spanish. In Spain, manufacturers in Spain display in a Spanish dialect. To rank content for customers in both countries need to be optimized for both languages and countries.

Other options include: Location-Specific Search personalization, including state, city/town, locale, or even the street a person is walking down.

If you want to reach customers in this personalized way, we can help.

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