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Web Presence Survey Questions For Your Small Business

We suggest these Web Presence Survey Questions for your business:

    1. Do you have an optimized Google My Business listing with services or product images, your business hours, correct category, good reviews, a link to your business website and a service area map?
    2. Do you have Customer Reviews on your website, with an “Add a Review” feature?  Local reviews have the most impact on potential clients, other than direct referrals.
    3. Do you have a List of ‘Communities Served’ on your Home page, to help Google send you local clients?
    4. Do you have a ‘Service Area Map’ on your website, so clients can see if they are in your normal service area?
    5. Do you have a Godaddy, or Wix,  Weebly or Google template website?  The Google algorithm is written to favor websites that are database-driven (like WordPress).
    6. Do you have a customized Contact form on your Contact page, to separate commercial & residential inquries, and a list of services with check-boxes to remind clients of other services they might need?
    7. Do you have a blog on your site?  Increase your search ranking by posting one or two paragraphs and an image once or twice a month as a blog post.  A maintenance tip, good story about a problem you solved for client, seasonal offer, etc. makes you an authority with potential clients.  Regular, original content is what Google really wants to see on your website.  Blogging regularly gives your prospects the confidence that you are an expert in your field, and it is a big factor in your Google ranking.
    8. Do you have an optimized and current Facebook business page? ‘Like Us On FB’ link on your site?  Post the first sentence of blog posts on your business FB page with a ‘Read More’ link to your blog post.
    9. Do you have vendor websites where you can list your company? List these links  on your Home page. The more relevant links on your website the better.
    10. Are you a member of the BBB? Consider joining, since along with local reviews, this is a confidence-booster for potential clients to do business with your company.
    11. Are you listed in Angie’s List, Buildzoom, Manta, Buzzfile, and other service directories?  Not only does this create backlinks to your website, many of these site have potential clients looking for your local services.
    12. Do you have a newsletter?  Regular contact with current clients will bring you referral business and give you a chance to send them seasonal specials or discounts.  Capture client and prospect emails and use an email client like MailerLite to send out regular newsletters, especially in this time.  Several blog posts can be included in the newsletter.

    Call or email us with questions.  We are ready to help.  Thanks for your consideration.   Stay safe!

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